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Face Painting 26-09-2017

I am often asked if I do face painting at my parties but I have to say I don't for a couple of reasons:-
1) I would be rubbish at it!
2) I think the children would feel more comfortable with a lady face painter
3) What to do with all the other children whilst doing it
(Ooops, that's three!)
I am told a good place to look for a 'local to you' face painter is Mumsnet and certainly I have worked with face painters booked through them, so that's what I suggest to people when asked.

'How Much Is It?' 17-09-2017

I have had 'phone calls where that is the very first question, before telling me anything else! Where? when? what would you like me to do? I need a bit more information before I can offer you what I hope will be a fair and reasonable fee for whatever you have planned.
There was a time when I put a fixed price on my webpage for all my shows, but I now prefer to chat with clients first, and hopefully provide the service you require for a fee we can both agree upon. I think that's only fair.

Fun at the Barnt Green Open Air Cinema 17-09-2017

Enjoyed the annual weekend Open Air Cinema in Barnt Green earlier this month - two movies over two nights for the kids, with live music, bar for the grown-ups, and street food for all, it was great atmosphere, and it didn't rain! I was the 'warm up act' making oudles of balloon models for all the children whilst waiting for it to get dark enough for the movies to start! It's a great night, come and join us next year!

End of an Era 17-09-2017

I was quite sad to read of the inevitable demise of 'Yellow Pages' in the press this week. For those of you who cannot envisage a world without computers and mobile 'phones, there was a time, and not that long ago, when the only way to get your business 'out there' was through the printed medium, and 'Yellow Pages' was the undoubted leader in the field. It was cheap, universal, and, to the small business, priceless. My first add was a small box in the 'Entertainers' section, for 'Pat the Clown and his Magic Circus' and cost me around £200... for the year! See how far that goes with Google.....

Planning a Children's Party (2) 10-09-2017

Next to decide is how long is your party to be? Parties at home with mostly family and friends are less formal, so just provide a start time and take it from there.
For parties in a hired venue you need to be more specific about what time the party is to start and finish, and to allow for moving in and clearing away afterwards.
Two hours is generally regarded as the most suitable length for a children's party, so you will need to book your venue for at least three hours, possibly more if you are going to decorate the room and set the tables yourself.
Now you can start to plan your party in detail, and to decide how you would like the venue to look on the day, plan your party food, maybe a party theme, and of course, book your party entertainer!

More next time.......

Planning a Children's Party (1) 07-09-2017

Things you need to decide first are -
How many children to invite
Party at home, or in a hall or other venue
If at home, indoors or out

Most birthday parties I attend have between 10 and 30 children.
Around 20 - 25 works very well for a small hall or community centre, with 10 to 15 at a home party, but remember, parents often like to come along too, so you may find yourself hosting two parties, not just one!

Plenty of choices for venues these days, although the local village hall or community centre are still the most popular.

Parties in the garden can be great fun, but always at the mercy of the British weather! Be prepared for a change to indoors at the last minute!

More next time....